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Congratulations to our fabulous  client CASSIDEY FRALIN for booking a CO-STARS on ABC's hit comedy BLACKISH and CBS's EXTANT!


So far ....

TLC show with Morman Boiling Casting, a PSA with Bill Dance Casting, Feature Film “Bad Kids Go 2 Hell” for Casting Director Katrina Cook, for “Lenovo YP2 Commercial with Director Adam Fenn. “Seasons For Change” with CD Ender Waters, student film“Stranger In The Trunk” for CD Sai Pawar, non-union Feature Film CIY-Tongues for CD Katrina Cook, “PSA for Gun Violence” with Taylor Casting, commercial “On Star Video” for CD Cast Partner, commercial “Loan Me” with Lisa Pantone Casting, and commercial ‘J 4 Jeep” with CD Natalie Avital, “Cyborg” a non-union Feature with Casting Director Crystal Lujan, student Film “Amos” with CD Jacqueline Liu, short film “Gratuitous Violence” with Casting Director Elaine Loh, commercial ”Love Begins with CD Robin De Martino, Tv Promo “House Haunt” with David Kang Casting, tradeshow “Before Infinity” with CD Eric Soboleski, music video “The Day Is Today” with CD Daniel Pineros, “Realtor.com” commercial with CD Gabrielle Schary, commercial “Autism Speaks” for Petite Casting Company, and commercial “Eat Your Vegetables” with Beauregard Casting,“A Little Conundrum” for Director Michael De Lorenzo) student film “sharing Silence” for CD Jay Woo, USC Grad Film “Sharing Shelter for CD Tierney Young, student film “An Unsettling Conversation” for CD Sarah Winters, short film “Like She Can” for producer Tristin Mays, short film “Desperate Morons” for Puerto Risky Productions, non-union pilot “The Bricks” with Casting Director Camille Irons, “Avoutier”with CD Mike Lee, a TLC show with Morman Boiling Casting, a short film “WatchThis” for CD Jen Winsted, student film “Metronome with CD Sharon Park, 99 Set Theatre “LA Deli” for CD Michael Donovan, non-union commercial “WCU College” for CD Mauren Soden and TV’s The Unauthorized Behind The Scenes Of Saved By The Bells Projects” with CD Robin Lippin, student film “Unspoken” with CD Kezhia Rodriguez, comedy short film “Survivors Annonymous’ for Knob Hill Productions, “Horror Film” for By The Beach Productions,  UCLA student film “Maya” with CD Gabriela Dorini, commercial “Frontier Communications” with Pop Casting, “SYFY Channel Promo” for Mel O’Neil Casting, short film “Love Story” for Director Max Cole, NYFA student film “Happiness Under The Tree” for CD Javier Urtasun1, and commercial for “Truth Campaign” with CD Cast Partner, non-union shirt film “Bride To Be” for CD Diane McFadden, Web Series “Just My Luck” with CD Christine Bellinger, non-union Feature Film “Legend Of McCoy Mountain and the Gold 45 Revolver” for CD Dr Elliot McGucken, Web Series “RoomieLoverFriends” with CD Natasha Ward, Tyler Perrys’ Feature Film “The Haves and The Have Nots” for CD Kim Coleman, “Extant” (starring Holly Berry) with CD Ronna Kress, the Feature Film “Brilliance starring (Will Smith) with CD Denise Chamian, “Date This” with CD Geoff Erwin, USC Short Film “Connection is Universal” for CD Rebecca Goldstein, “Weirdo' Music Video” for CD Lauren Salandra, Non-Union Short Film “Destiny Depot” for CD Natalie Speech, a “Clothing Print Campaign” for CD Jameson Brown, Non-Union Feature Film “ I Knew That Face” for Jennifer Casting, non-union USC student film :Zombie Apocolyse” for CD Stephen Thomas, a music video “Depresh” for CD Emily Nejad, industrial medical commercial for CD Brian Sounalath, commercial “Spirit Clips” for CD Sherrie Henderson and Dan Velez, spoof commercial for “Rejuvitrol” for CD Sunny Vachher, short reel “Kids Kast” with CD Bobby Andrew’s, short "Why Aren't You Watching The Children" with CD Sara Razacki1, short film Cal State LA “Child’s Nightmare” with Director Evan Nelson, documentary “Domtar” with CD Susan Turner Casting, UCLA film “Jazmine” with CD Luke Grigg, “The Single Mom” with Cupid Hayes Casting, short film CSULB “Get The Power” for CD Amberlyn Storey, video “Animals As Leaders” for Nova Entertainment, short film “Primrose” for Director Hanako Tabata, “Converse” Print Campaign with CDS Cindy Estada & Lyle Dohl, a “Volvo” commercial with Bok Creative Casting, Small Town: pilot with CD Carol Hutton, non-union USC short film “On The Run” for CD Jamie Haider, “First Impressions” with Casting Director Solo Douglas, a TLC show with Morman Boiling Casting, non-union short film “Conducting Waves” with CD Jay Fernandez, student film IAFT “ Stubborn Student” for CD Steven Boe, non-union student film IAFT “Worth Having Anything” a non union short for IAFT “Copy” for CD Steven Boe, documentary “People Of The World for HTV Casting,  short film for NYFA “Emily” with CD Adrenia Kemp, music video for “Anthony Evans” with CD Maya Emelle, student film NYFA “Writing Deadline” with CD KJ Anderson, “PSA Anti-Smoking” with Guillen Casting, webseries “Hammered” for CD Andrew Gonzales, The Hilliard Project with CD Louis Sallerson, commercial “Dumpling Dad” with CD Sebastian Chang, Jimmy Duong, Commerical VW with CD Michael Beaudry, short film “Dennis” with CD Megan Glass, Cartoon Network/Topps with Laurie Records Casting, Verizon commercial with CD Stuart Stone, “Welcome Us” commercial for Everdream Pictures, “Hasbro” commercial with Alice Ellis Casting, “Panasonic” commercial with CD Carmel Zella, “Hyundai” commercial with Heidi Levitt Casting, short film “Twin Lotus” for Giovanna Sarquis Casting, and “Lily” for CD Maryclaire Sweeters Casting.




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Congratulations to WAW clients PATRICK HUDSON, BELLA SHEPARD and CASSIDEY FRALIN on signing with Clear Talent Agency! 

Congratulations to KAYLEE BROWN for signing to ZURI Model & Talent and LB Talent!

Congratulations to SETH CARRIZAL and SOPHIA SUTKOVA for signing to Media Artists Group!

Congratulations to DRUCILLA PEREZ for signing to KMR Talent Agency and CESD!

Congratulations to TIERRA PETERS for signing to Coast To Coast!

Congratulations to ISABELLA MULFORD for signing to Paloma Model and Agent!

Congratulations to SAVANNAH LILES for signing with Abrams Artists, Media Artists Group, and Coast to Coast for VO!

Congratulations to MICHAEL COLEMAN for signing to Elev8 Talent Agency.

Congratulations to TAEHO de VITTON for signing to Zuri Model & Talent and Paloma Model & Talent.

Congratulations to BELLA KIDDER and Bella Kidder for signing to Jackie Lewis at LB Talent.

Congratulations to GRANT DAVIS signing to Elev8 Talent Agency.

Congratulations to  BRETT HARGRAVE for signing to Media Artists Group.

Congratulations to SEAN LAGUNA for signing to Prestige Talent Agency.

Congratulations to JACKI VELLANDI for signing to LB Talent!

Congratulations to GRACE BARNETT for signing to LB Talent!

Congratulations to TAN TRAIMAS for signing to LB Talent!

Congratulations to HAYDEN HISHAW for signing to LB Talent!

Congratulations to HAYDEN WASNESKY for signing to Media Artists Group!

Congratulations to JAYDEN HAYDEN for signing to LB Talent!

Congratulations to HARPER THOMPSON for signing to Howard Talent West!

Watch Cassidey on EXTANT here: https://instagram.com/p/6qBtM7FwSt/

WAW Entertainment is proud to announce client GRANT DAVIS is starring in the Feature Film "Something Like Summer" directed by JT Tenapa. Grant beat out 600 other actors for this role! WAY TO GO GRANT!