HOW TO GET STARTED: Start having your child practice learning commercials. Choose one. Have Them Memorize it. Have them practice putting energy and personality into it. Make it sound real by having them pretend they are talking to their best friend when they say it. Record it on your iPhone and watch it! Then have them do another one, and another one! Choose a new commercial every week. Kids in commercials have confidence, enthusiasm and FUN!  Practice makes perfect so practice often, Here are a TON of Commercial scripts to choose from! You can record these in front of a blank wall. Have your child wear a bright, solid colors like Red or Blue with No Logos, writing or patterns.

Then upload the clip to your child's online casting profiles for use when you or your reps are submitting.


Go from fierce robot to fast-moving sports car in just three steps. Time to bring the zoom and lower the boom! Grab a parent and go online for a chance to win at One grand-prize winner will take home 250 Hasbro toys and games. 250 second-prize winners will get a Transformers - Robots In Disguise, Starlily-My Magical Unicorn Pet and Pie Face game.


 You think I’m coming to play football? I am football.  I’m literally the game changer in every way.   I’m gonna smash through people and get mine.  Ain’t no one want it as much as me.  I don’t need nobody to give me the crown, I’m gonna take it. I’m gonna give you night tremors. There’s only room for one at the top.  It’s my turn now. Bow down.  It’s time for a new king.



You HAVE to check out MACY’S Back to School sale…  They have the cutest outfits like trendy tops, jeans, and of course, my favorite…  JEWELRY!  So what are you waiting for?  Tell your Mom to take you to MACY’S.   HURRY!



Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice is filled with more than just fruit-squeezed taste.  It’s packed with a kind of excitement that only a new day can bring.  So fill up.  And have a Tropicana morning!



 Make today a Sunny Day! Drinking Sunny Delight gets you a full day’s supply of Vitamin C-plus a taste of the Sun!  Sunny D, sunshine in a bottle.



This is my dog, Dot. Dot has lots of spots. On walks, Dot likes to trot. If Dot gets hot, I give water. Giving Dot a bath isn’t as hard as

I thought. Dot loves surprises, especially friends of all shapes and sizes. I sure love Dot a lot!



You know when you take your shoes off and have to scratch your feet? Chances are you have fungus on your feet. While you're running around all day in your sneakers, your foot becomes warm and sweaty. This is the human environment fungus love the most. Imagine millions of tiny fungi crawling around, feeding off all the slimy stuff in between your toes? That's right - toe cheese is dinner for fungi. As they bug around eating, they're also dying, breeding and pooping, which could irritate your skin, making you want to scratch it. Scratching feels good, but washing your feet regularly is better than allowing your foot to be a cafeteria for millions of fungi. To find out more yucky stuff, go to now.



My dad gives me the biggest problem about shopping at Abercrombie Kids. He doesn’t understand why I would want to buy jeans with holes in them. He says that the clothes look like they have been worn before. He just doesn’t realize that this is what makes them cool. Abercrombie kids. For the cool kid in all of us.



My mom says I can be anything I want to be when I grow up. That’s why she gives me One a Day Vitamins for Kids. They come in lots of fun shapes and they taste just like fruit! Plus they give my body everything it needs to grow up healthy and strong. I’m trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up, either a brain surgeon or a supermodel. But with One a Day Vitamins for Kids, the future is wide open!



My parents told me they were going to take my cell phone away because I waste all of my minutes on cheap gossip with my friends. Well believe me, gossip is not cheap. It is very valuable…if you use it in the right way. After much debate, and a few tears on my part, they signed up for Verizon’s unlimited texting plan. I can text Jenny all the new gossip, I mean “important news”, any time and as much as I want. Thanks Verizon, you really know how to keep a girl connected.



Do you ever feel drowsy, sleepy, just can’t let your bed go and just can’t get ready for school? Have you ever felt so sluggish that your mom and dad had to pull you out of bed and practically brush your teeth for you? Well, I have a solution for you. Flintstones pre-teen vitamins. Take them before bedtime and trust me, I guarantee before morning you’ll shine like Pebbles, have strength like Bam-Bam and run faster than Dino. Remember, Flintstones pre-teen vitamins are for you. Yabba dabba doo!



I hereby decree that all kids must be given the right to eat cereals that taste good! Parents must let their children choose their OWN cereal-after all, they’re the ones eating it. No longer will we eat cereals that taste like the boxes they came in. There will be FROSTED FLAKES for everyone! They’re GREEEAAATTT!



My parents always try to make a fancy breakfast. French Toast, Pancakes, eggs…but all I really want is Kellogg’s Pop Tarts. I can have a different flavor every day! Strawberry, Cinnamon, sprinkles and even chocolate! That’s all the breakfast variety that I need in my life. It’s a delicious surprise that even toasters are awaiting!



My favorite thing to drink is Milk, but I stopped drinking it for 2 whole weeks! My mom asked why, and I told her it was because Dad said that Milk will make me big and strong and put lots of hair on my chest. I got scared because I don’t want a hairy chest and back like Daddy. Mom said, he got that from Grandpa, not milk. Besides, your dad stopped drinking milk long before you were born. Milk, does a body good!


Insector, like nothing you've seen before. Insector, High-tech organic mechanics Go ahead flip it over. Insector, it springs right back into action. Inspector, you just can't stop it. Morphing articulation, Full function radio control, Six-volt rechargeable power Just try and stop it. We dare you. Roll it Spin it Flip it.  It takes whatever you dish out Inspector, you just can't stop it. Insector, batteries sold separately. From Gearhead RC



“Welcome to the Frogs!" at Mystic Aquarium and Institute for Exploration... They're watching! A frog's bulging eyes can see in almost every direction. This little guy's large red eyes are closed tight when he sleeps. But if disturbed, his eyes pop open to startle would-be predators! BOO!



You see yourself as a great warrior. Your opponent sees you as a great source of spare parts. Introducing Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots Arena. It gives you the power to turn your enemy into rubbish with their own weapons. Knock off your opponent's body parts and attach them to yourself. The more you win, the more powerful you become. Remember, you're not just competing for honor, you're fighting for limbs.



I’m Butch Little, and I love sports! Some sports you play with your feet and others you use your hands. You can play on a team like baseball, football and soccer or play against another person like tennis or golf. One thing’s for sure, sports are cool! Today’s sport is hockey! You play hockey on ice and use a stick to hit a puck into a net.


Hi, Ralphie Little here and it’s time to talk about science. Do you know what gravity is? Gravity is the force that pulls objects towards the center of the Earth. Other planets have gravity too! Larger planets have more gravity and smaller planets have less. Spaceships use a rocket to break free from the grip of Earth’s gravity.



My favorite color is blue. Blue, blue blue! I have a blue crayon, blue car and I love blue bubble gum. What do you have that’s blue? Do you have a blue shirt or blue jeans? Are any of the walls in your house or classroom blue? Some people say blue is a sad color, but when I see blue I think of the ocean or the sky. What’s your favorite color?



Well that’s the end of our show. Today we learned all sorts of fun words that use the letter “Z”. We saw lots of circles and how the color red is all around us, on buildings, cars and stop signs. Next week Roger’s going to the zoo and Vanessa shows us her new silly sounds dance. See ya then, bye! Everybody dance!


I’m daddy’s little girl. I can pretty much get away with anything in the world…except not wearing my seat belt. Last year seat belts saved over 19,000 lives in the United States alone. So every time you get the in the car, make sure you buckle up…so you’ll always be daddy’s little girl.



I just got the best Christmas present ever! My family is going to Disney! I LOVE Disney! They have the BEST rides and the coolest shows. We went last year and my favorite was the haunted mansion. My little brother didn’t like that one. So, put the best Christmas present on your list next year. A trip to Disney!



Chicken noodle soup is always the cure when I get a cold. My mom went through this stage where she was testing me with different kinds of soup. With veggies, bigger chunks, swirl noodles, even noodles that spelled my name. It was chaos and I couldn’t keep up. Campbell’s soup has always been the soup of my choice. Yes. Campbell’s soup is simple goodness.



My parents have grounded me for one month! So I created a whole new way of communication with my best friend. I send messages and notes on my Sky Invader Radio Helicopter. With my remote controlled helicopter, I can send things back and forth without my parents knowing. I think someday I’m gonna be a spy.


Okay, I admit it, I can’t stop giving kisses. I know I’m only (age), but I just can’t resist. They’re SO delicious and I can’t keep them to myself. I give kisses at school, I give kisses at the mall, I give kisses on my back porch, I even tried to sneak a kiss at church last Sunday, but my dad had a total cow. Hershey’s kisses. The kiss you can’t stop giving. Want one?



Remember me? I’m the kid that had a report due on space. Then I discovered Google! It’s like having your own research library right at your fingertips. So the next time you want an “A” instead of a “B”, use Google…you’ll be glad you did.



On Wednesday nights, my Dad is supposed to cook dinner for the whole family, but he always ends up calling Domino’s Pizza. Domino’s isn’t just pizza anymore. They have a full menu to choose from with pastas, wings, calzones and more! My mom doesn’t seem to mind, now she calls Wednesday nights, Domino’s nights.



Every winter I get a really bad cold and my cough seems to last forever, even when I’m better. But I hate the taste of cough syrup. One day I had a cough attack in math class and my teacher gave me a Luden’s Cherry flavored cough drop. Finally, a cough remedy that tastes good!


The other night I came home after a long day at school. When I walked in, my family and friends were waiting for me. They just sat there, staring at me. They were there for an intervention. I mean, I know that I have a problem. I just can’t help myself. I am OBSESSED. I try to thing about anything else. But I just can’t….Doritos…once you start, you can’t stop.



I have decided that when I grow up I’m going to be a millionaire! I practice every night by playing ‘Who Wants to Be A Millionaire’ on my Nintendo Wii. By the time I turn 18 and get on the show, there’s no way I’ll lose! Nintendo Wii makes me feel like a million bucks!



I cannot wait until I’m old enough to get my license. But for now, I get around as fast as lightening on my Razor Scooter. Razor Scooters make it twice as fast and 100 times more fun to get where I’m going. So until I’m old enough to get my license, I’m sticking with my Razor Scooter.



My neighbor is my age and always seems to “accidentally” borrow my things. Until one day, when he was coming over to “borrow” my skateboard, I caught him and blasted him with my NERF Super Soaker. I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt. I thought he’d get mad at me, but all he said was, “cool, can I borrow that?” Everyone wants a NERF Super Soaker.



If you’re like me, you’ll want a burger that is going to satisfy your hunger. The whopper junior from Burger King has the same great taste as the regular whopper, but is made for someone just my size. So if you’re looking for great taste with lots of fun, try the whopper junior kids meal today. Only at Burger King!



I need a vacation from school! I just found out that my parents are taking me to Universal Studios in Florida. I am so excited. Universal is one of my favorite places to visit. I love the shows, the roller coasters and most of all, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Universal, it’s the perfect place for a hard working kid like me!



I want to be an artist when I grow up. That’s why my parents started helping me with my dream when I was very young. They gave me a huge box of Crayola Crayons. There is every color that you can imagine. Just think, if I can make a masterpiece with a Crayola Crayon, there is no telling what I will create when I get older. Crayola Crayons will bring out the artist in you.



I don’t have time to always be the ‘big sister’. Sometimes, I want to be spoiled, just like my little brother. So when my mom wants me to feel like a Princess, she takes me to Justice for Girls. At Justice, I can get the best clothes in the newest styles. Justice for Girls - where you can spoil yourself.



So it’s the night before the big prom and everything’s going perfect. And all of the sudden, out of nowhere, pops a huge zit! But, not to worry! With new Neutrogena’s on the spot acne patches, that zit will be gone in no time. The tiny little micro-scrubbers dig down deep to zap that zit. So now your prom can go back to being perfect, just as it should be.



Laying around watching television, doing homework, painting the house… whatever!!! It’s Spring Break! Wouldn’t you rather be dodging moguls and coasting down ski hills in Canada’s Great White North? Enter the coolest winter holiday package EVER. Qualify to win one of three Great White North Prize Packs for you and 20 of your closest friends. Are you king or queen of the hill? Pack your bags and find out this Spring Break! Enter the Great White North Contest online, or call us toll-free. Good luck and I will see you on the slopes!!!



I had to go to TJ Maxx. My boyfriend and I just broke up and I needed a little pick me up. So…I found this outfit. Perfect fit, perfect color…Orange…he HATES orange. Besides, it was a great deal…over half off! And if I didn’t get it, someone else would have gotten it because it was the only one left! The thought of some stranger walking around in my clothes kind of weird’s me out. Plus, I hadn’t done laundry in a month, so I literally had to but it. Thanks TJ Maxx!



My Grandpa took me to Build-a-Bear. I got to pick my bears fur, put in his heart and make him nice and fat with lots and lots of stuffing! I let Grandpa help me pick the outfit. I’ll always remember that day with Grandpa. Thanks Build-a-Bear!



I love fruit snacks. Do you know how many cool shapes they come in? Like Dora the Explorer and Sponge bob Square pants! My favorite is (say your favorite of the two). Cool kids eat cool snacks lunchtime or any time. Fruit snacks!



My favorite thing to do is play outside. The problem is I play hard and I get really dirty. My mom freaks out. “Jennie, girls aren’t supposed to get that dirty!”…ughhh. Then my friend’s mom told her about Tide's new heavy-duty detergent for kids, and girls like me. Now I can get as dirty as I want.



My therapist asked me, “what do you think of when you hear the words ‘snack cake’?”.  I replied, “Hostess Twinkies!” My mom puts a Hostess Twinkie in my lunch box every day…I hope that doesn’t make me co-dependent?



My teacher asked me what my favorite food is. So I said, Spaghettio’s! She said Spaghetti-who’s? And I said, Spaghettio’s! My mom works really hard to make my favorite food, Spaghettio’s.



My parents just brought home a Skywalker Trampoline! It’s 15 feet all the way around! I can already jump higher than my brother and I’m attempting a back flip. If I land just right, I can catapult my brother really high. Trampolines are great for scaring little brothers!



When I get home from school and my big brother refuses to fix me anything to eat, I make Totino’s Pizza Rolls. In just 10 minutes, I can have delicious bite-sized pizza in a crispy roll…and I don’t share them with my brother, he can fend for himself!



I really like noodles, but I like cheese even more. That’s why I LOVE Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Who knew there could be so much cheese in one little box? Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, it’s the cheesiest!



Colors make me happy, so my favorite snack is M&M’s! Lots of color, but they all taste the same. My mom even makes cookies and brownies with them. M&M’s, there’s an Mmmmmm in everyone, find yours!



I am way to big to sleep with a night-light, but I do like to leave the bathroom light on. My mom says that the new GE Light bulbs save energy. She says it’s ‘going green’, but the GE Light sure looks white to me!



I want to build houses when I grow up, so I practice now with my LEGO’s. I can build a different house every day so that I can learn how to build like my Daddy. LEGO’s are awesome!



Dad, why can’t we get a dog? What if I promise to play with it every day and let it sleep in my room? How about I also feed it and walk it and give it a bath? But Dad, I can’t do everything! I’m only one person! You and Mom are going to have to pitch in, too.



I’m not nervous. Not one bit. Okay. I am a little nervous. Actually, I’m freaking out a little. Mom, were you nervous on your first day of school?  Were you bullied or picked on?  OMG, what if someone’s wearing the same outfit as me?  What if I don’t get any A’s and get all B’s?  Will you still be proud of me?  OK, you know what, (takes deep breath) Here I go. Mom, I’m gonna make you proud!



(Shouting to his Dad in the other room) There’s a troll in my closet! And don’t tell me there are no such things as trolls because I know there are. You said that Aunt Franny was as ugly as a troll... DAD! Come here, come quick! There’s an Aunt Franny in my closet!



I’m sorry I read your diary. I know it’s a lot to ask but I hope you can forgive me because sneaking behind your back was wrong.  Oh, one more thing.  I also Tweeted to your whole class that you have a crush on your teacher... Before you say anything, just remember.  If you want to be forgiven, you have to forgive.



Why do we have to go on vacation to see the Grand Canyon? It’s just a big hole. I would rather be amazed at Disney World. You know, see Mickey and Minnie, get on scary rides, visit the water ark and eat funnel cake.  That sounds like a lot more fun than a big hole...



I think you should be able to eat Ice Cream for dinner. Well it is made with milk isn’t it?  I know, I know, it has a lot of sugar in it but Dad you really need to make up your mind. One minute you’re asking me to be sweet and then you don’t want me to eat sugar. MEN! 



Dad, I want an allowance. Now before you say no, remember, you gave Tommy an Allowance. I know he’s older than me but he’s not as special as I am.  Also, I’m sweeter and much cuter, that should be good for something. I’ll let you think about it and then get back to you. 

Do Your Research.

We suggest you learn everything you can about Show BUSINESS. There is so much you don't know, and what you don't know can hurt you.  You should have your own library of show business reference books, after all this is your business right? We urge you to get started by reading the following books:

"How To Break Into Show Business; Secrets Of A Hollywood Talent Mmanager" by Wendy Alane Wright
"How To Be A Star Right Where You Are" by Wendy Alane Wright
"How To Break Your Kids Into Show Business" by Wendy Alane Wright"How To Be A Singing Star Right Where You Are" by Wendy Alane Wright
"Acting Is Everything" by Judy Kerr
"How To Sell Yourself As An Actor" by K Callan
"Self Management For The Actor" by Bonnie Gillespie
"How To  Get The Part Without Falling Apart" by Carolyn Barry
"Breaking Into Commercials" by Terry Berland
"An Agent Tells All"  by Tony Martinez
"The Los Angeles Agent Book" by K Callan 
"Audition" by Michael Shurtleff
"Casting Director's Secrets; Inside Tips for Successful Auditions" by Ginger Howard Friedman
"How To Book Acting Jobs In TV and Film" by Cathy Reinking

Attend Acting Marketing Workshops / Get A Marketing Coach. We highly suggest Dallas Travers and Gwynn Gillis.

Read often our Blog "Breaking Into Show Business; Secrets Of A Hollywood Talent Manager."






If you are super talented, hardworking, awesome, unique and ready to work... we want to meet you! We always accept submissions from talented artists of ALL types and ethnicities, from union and non union talent. We accept actors with television and film credits and very talented beginners. Our office is in Los Angeles.

We are currently interested in submissions from kids 8-18, charactery or VERY FUNNY. 

Submission email:

Parents may submit a HEADSHOT or picture of children ages 6-17 to Please include the child's full name, age, height, and weight. Please also include a resume. SEE BELOW FOR SAMPLE RESUMES.

Include in your email submission a VIDEO CLIP of them doing:
2) one of the commercials below
3) a personality clip of your child talking about their favorite foods, activity, TV shows, pets, etc.

We MUST see how they talk, move, sound and act. We need to watch their personality! Shoot the clip on your phone. Upload it to You Tube, make it UNLISTED and email us the link. Here are two examples:

You Tube Diva

We ONLY review submissions with videos. IF YOU DO NOT SUBMIT WITH A VIDEO OF YOUR CHILD WE WILL DELETE THE SUBMISSION WITHOUT REVIEWING. Take your time with your submission. You only have one chance to make a first impression.We get thousands of submissions a year. Everything doesn't have to be perfect but follow the directions!

OVERALL: Children must be energetic, well-behaved, and able to take direction. Parents must be 100% on board and committed to being in LA for 3-4 at a time during Pilot season Feb, March and April OR the summer during June, July and August, OR Sept, Oct, Nov. You MUST be in LA to work with WAW Entertainment. IF you want us to get you an agent in Los Angeles you must be in Los Angeles for the auditions. Most actors get jobs when they audition for them in person, not on tape. Although there are exceptions, it is not the rule. We do NOT want to work with actors who do not live in LA. If you are not going to be in LA find an agent in your own state.

ACTORS / MODELS Please email a cover letter, headshots and resume with experience and training,  demo reel, and Actors Access,  LA Casting and Model Mayhem links (if you have them)  - Actors must be 7-21 OR very charactery types of all ages.

Submit Headshot, Resume, Reel and/or Mp3 ONLINE ONLY at Please include your contact information and any additional information about yourself, include links to music, videos  and websites.

YOUR MATERIALS / OUR RESPONSE TIME All submitted material will be reviewed at the end of the month. No materials will be returned. Do not send us your only copy. If we are interested in meeting with you, we will contact you to set up an appointment within 2-4 weeks. No phone calls. No drops offs. No walk ins. Thank you.

WAW ENTERTAINMENT will not make referrals to theatrical agents unless our actors have fantastic professional headshots, quality demo footage that accurately express their type, training with 3-4 recognizable teachers, one each; for Cold Reading, Auditioning, On Camera C
ommercial and Scene Study and a minimum of 5 student films, shorts, indies, and webisodes to their credit.


Get your child involved in drama classes, audition for every available play in your area, get as much training as possible. Take your child to see as much live performance as possible and to appropriate movies featuring child actors. Also, encourage your child to play sports - Casting Directors are looking for real kids with reallife skills!
- Also read to your child and make sure that he/she reads as much as possible. The fact is that the best readers make the best child actors!

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A Talent Agent and Talent Manager ?
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