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WAW Entertainment is a Talent Management company. We are not Talent Agents. We work in partnerships with our clients and their Talent Agents to advance our clients careers. We do not procure employment for our clients. We obtain Talent Agency representation for each of our clients and their Agents procure their employment.  We receive 15% commission when our clients book the job and only when they book work. We do not charge advanced fees or fees of any kind. We work strictly on commission. 

Our clients are currently, or have been signed to the following agencies: 


Abrams Artists Agency

House Of Representatives

Paloma Model and Talent

Media Artists Group

LB Talent Agency

Elev8 Talent Agency

Don Buchwald & Associates

YJB Talent Agency

Fruition Talent

Salt Agency

Coastal Talent

Momentum Talent


The Savage Agency

Aqua Talent Agency


Clear Talent Agency

Jamie Ferrar Agency (JFA)

Daniel Hoff Agency


Ford Models

Allegory Creative Talent

Soverign Talent Group




Coast To Coast


The Library Agency

Zuri Models and Talent

Signature Models and Talent

Heyman Talent Agency

Dani's Agency

Beal Talent Agency

NTA Talent Agency

Trinity Talent Agency

Envy Model and Talent


Osbrink Talent Agency


Howard Talent West

Prestige Talent Agency

First Class Talent


Bobby Ball Agency



Tilmar Talent Agency

Minc Talent Agency

The Wayne Agency


Here is a detailed list of things that we do as Talent Managers:

Prepare talent for meetings with potential talent agencies.

Arrange introductions to agents. *

Help our clients decide on the right talent agency for their representation. *

Advise clients on acting classes and coaching. *

Help clients choose a good photographer and help them pick out headshots. *

Promote talent to industry professionals. *

Prepare resume or advise talent on preparation of a resume. *

Help make any and all decisions related to talent’s career. *

Answer never ending questions on anything and everything related to a career in show business.

Also as a Talent Managers we make sure that all of our actors are accurately listed on profession websites including IMDB, Actors Access, LA Casting and that their memberships are current with SAG-AFTRA, and other collective guilds or unions.

We guide our clients in the right direction, help determine an actor’s most marketable type and the kinds of projects on which our actors are most likely to find work. We advise actors on their image, resume format and content, headshots, acting classes, demo reels, websites, personal appearance and overall career direction.

We guide on public relations, business matters, and help to make a career plan and keep all of our actors moving FORWARD on a path toward success. As an actor's fame and career grows, most actors cannot juggle the acting demands, interviews, and appearances that come with a prominent career. That is where we come in. We coordinate the actor's schedule and speak on behalf of the actor.

We are very hands on managers and give very specific instructions on every little step that our clients make in the entertainment industry, including suggesting a variety of great acting teacher and coaches to choose from, what photographers to use, where to get their haircut, and so on.  We are more or less the quarterback of the team (actor, manager, agents), setting a direction, telling our actors what they need to do to compete -- and giving them the bad news in terms of what they cannot do. We help our clients understand contracts, compensation, billing practices, safety, and speak on their behalf when necessary. We act as liaison between my clients and their theatrical agents, other professionals in the entertainment industry, and the general public.

When there are problems on the set or in a job my actors always contact us, not their agent. It is part of our job to coddle, mold, advise and generally speaking, smother our clients with individual care, attention and at times emotional support. 

Our job as managers is to guide and advise actors on their careers. If an actor hasn't been able to get an agent yet, we will guide and help an actor become as marketable and attractive to talent buyers and agents as possible. When we feel our clients are READY to meet with agents, we help them get an agent. Further, we help manage our artist's personal and professional life in a way that allows them to focus on creative productivity.

Our job is that of the artist's representative, we act as liaison between our clients and both the public, theatrical agents, publicists, labels, studios, publishers, talent agencies, touring personnel, attorneys, business managers, and other professionals and anyone else associated with our client's business.

And for all of that we get 15% of everything our clients makes in the entertainment industry. We get commission from the jobs they book with their talent agents. A manager can get commission over a client’s endorsement deals, their music royalties etc. If an actor is working regularly, or becomes a big star making millions of dollars per movie...with huge product placements... a manager can get very rich. On the other hand, if our clients aren't making any money we still do all of the work anyways and make 15% of nothing.


Managers invest a lot of time in the beginning of an actor's career to get them going, build their resumes, headshots, demo reels, relationships with casting directors and agents. Usually that investment of time doesn't start to pay off until 2-3 years down the road when actors start booking more frequently and earning more money. Relationships with managers can last a lifetime and we fall in love with the actors and the famiiles of the actors we represent


If we have decided to manage your career know we do that we do that with respect, wisdom and have your best interests at heart at all times.

If you are NEW to the business we highly suggest you read Wendy's BLOG with tons of information and advice for newcomers! Plus download Wendy's Digital ebooks for Parents or Actors. 


INSTANTLY Download ebooks here: 

or find them on AMAZON.


If you are a client we will give you these books for FREE and we expect you to read them!

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